Is there a Cure for Colic?

What causes colic?  The truth is experts don’t really know.  Although most assume that it is a gastrointestinal problem this may or may not be so.  Pediatricians also attribute colic to an underdeveloped nervous system, medication taken my mom,  food allergies, environment,  mom and babies emotional health and temperament.    Research has shown that for 50% of babies it may be a mild acid reflux.  And, for some there just is no telling.  Apparently, I was a very colicky baby myself.   My mom reminds me that for weeks I would scream for hours and the pediatrician attributed it all to colic.  I don’t know if it was payback or what by my daughter had quite a bit of colic during several hours during the day for at least the first few months of her life.

Colic is defined by uncontrolled crying in infants from about two weeks to three months old.  For a baby to be considered truly colicky crying spells must last for three or more hours at least three times a week or more. [Read more...]